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Stojan Grauf - Slovenia

Stojan Grauf  was born in 1958 in Maribor, Slovenia. He graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design at the department of painting at the University of Ljubljana in 1983. Stojan Grauf is a member of the Union of Slovene Fine Arts Association and the Maribor Fine Arts Society. He lives and works as a freelance artist in Maribor. In the period of 1983-2016 he took part in several national and international art colonies and participated in many group and solo exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad.
His latest works are called "Recycling papers". These new (mixed media) works are all assembled and made of old drawings and prints. The motive and concept is landscape - a small bay on the Croatian island of Ugljan. Primarily it was a journey to the past, but than he read a story written by Czech novelist Karel Čapek about a murder in a cottage....

Stojan Grauf participated in a large quantity of group shows with his work in Slovenia and Croatia and did several solo exhibitions in Slovenia and in Germany.