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Sigal Ron - Israel

Sigal Ron lives and works in the coastal historic town of Zichron Jaacov, Israel.  Her studio overlooks the sea and she feels privileged to be there although there are harsh problems.  She started her painting practice in a very conventional way and It took her years of hard work to achieve changes and metamorphosis and to arrive at her current stage in her career. She believe in abstract art because it is a pure way of expression for her. She developed a personal technic she calls Bimedia. A type of mixed media. Painting is usually a monoprint for her and photography takes the monoprint to a new level. She is constantly evolving towards new approaches on this.
Art is a process of creation as a force and a direction that takes shape over a period of time for her. The process suggests a series of actions,  changes and fluctuations and the results are less important than the process itself. It's a very personal process for her to produce art. She tries not to become  inspired by the art of others. In general the one work brings the inspiration for the next work.
She identifies with her subject and concludes that one can’t create without identification and she conciders this essential to the realisation of a good work.

Sigal Ron exhibited her work at a large variety of galleries and venues in Israel, USA, Italy and Russia