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Sander Groen - the Netherlands

Sander Groen (1974) is a visual artist and a poet at heart. He currently lives and works in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Together with like-minded colleagues he initiated the art collective "the Unborn Idea" in 1998 and they developed music projects, published poetry, a movie and a serious amount of installation projects. He himself published poetry titled "Grass" in 2000 and wrote several publications in major Dutch newspapers like Algemeen Dagblad and publications like: CJP magazine, Ruwe Planken en Renaissance. He performs music and raps his poetry as a vocalist with his band Dandyesko. Furthermore he did some acting within an Oscar Wilde theatre performance and he organized poetry sessions and performances.

Sander Groen currently creates objects. These objects can be seen as poems or even stories. He studies the aura of the used parts, and then changes the scenery. Thus letting all the meaning and memories clinging to the original objects, mingle and create a universe of stories for the beholder to mix and match. He is working on an interesting theory on the meaning of objects expanding in the same rhythym as the universe. But Sander is no exact scientist. He is just a poet, a poet at heart.