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Rusudan Khizanishvili - Georgia

Rusudan Khizanishvili was born in 1979 in the city of Nalchik of the Russian Federation. Rusudan Khizanishvili is a painter living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia. She was born in 1979. Her B.A. in Painting was received from J. Nikoladze College of Art. Graduating with a painting degree from the Tbilisi state Academy of Art, Rusudan went on to complete an MA in Media in 2005. she is frequenctly invited for a variety of festivals, art residencies of which the most important for the Mark Rothko's residency. Her paintings are frequently in exhibitions in Europe and USA Galleries. An important development within her artistic career is her participation in the Georgian National Pavilion on the 56th Venice Art Biennale and a huge exhibition of Georgian artists in Georgian National Historical Museum where all of her works (10 paintings) were acquired by the Museum and were given to the Georgian cultural heritage.
The canvas is an escape road or connection to the new world of my imagination. I see the canvas like a  door. So, I create inter-dimensional portals in my paintings, as far as I use the image of the animals as a symbolic entrance  between cultures, nations, and identities. My animals are a reflection of a past life to the present. They are also the doors which guide me to an unknown, dark world. It is a mystical underground way which is neither romantic nor attractive. Therefore, I mean  that hardships and storms of life are background  to the new world of escape or freedom. I am making collages as well. These are created using a similar process. I reconstruct, assemble, and juxtapoz found material and my own mark making. However, the collage drawings do not follow the same conceptual frame. Purposely open ended, my drawings incorporate doodles, lattices, adverts, book papers, and illustrations I collect. They sometimes depict landscapes, figures, objects or can be completely non-objective. The intention of my process is to 'get lost' in the translation and transformation which occurs between patterns, colors, textures and images. This process of transformation creates the possibility for new ideas to emerge within the drawings. Eventually this activity solidifies into an image in which opposing elements coexist and suggest a narrative.
If the true skill of an artist lies in their ability to work outside their chosen style, then Rusudan Khizanishvili has proven herself to be extremely competent. By using, adapting and merging a variety of styles the artist has created a portfolio that should greatly impress any viewer. She paints aching portraits that stare out at you with questioning eyes, crafted in expressive thick oil applied with vigour. Yellow figures leave, or run from, disjointed rooms. The perspectives are painted out of synch which gives the work an intense and unnerving atmosphere. In other pictures landscapes are robbed of their assurance by a think, hazy layer or mist which cloaks them with doubt and robs them of the familiarity usually present in the physical world.
The sinister underworld of the evening is explored in a series of striking, beautiful paintings. The artist mixes together shadowy, barely visible whites, sleepy blues and nightmarish greens to create a darkly seductive atmosphere. Restless shapes cast the scenes into chaos as ghostly figures watch on from the peripheries. The still life works drip sensuously with colour, life and stylistic innovation. Each image draws the viewer in and demands a second look. These are not paintings for the faint hearted, as attitude and talent work together, hand in hand.
Inspired by the old masters, the artist creates semi-mythical, allegorical ideals transported into contemporary settings. This gifted Georgian painter creates works of posing figures, captured brilliantly against glowing, vibrant backgrounds. In another nod to the history of art a Cubist figure reclines and drifts off into a dream. In pure abstraction she masterfully takes on the inherent qualities of the shapes and colours, adding small details whenever she sees fit. The joy of rain is represented with a riotous collision of colour that makes every inch of the canvas feel alive. A wonderful artist, who we are delighted to bring to a wider audience, and a worthy choice for our artist of the week.