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Ron Shelton - USA

Ron E. Shelton, Jr. was born in Columbus Ohio. He has been active in Art for many years of his adult life. He started with photography in 1978 while a student at OSU and he exhibited his photographs in various galleries in Columbus, including The Martin Luther King Art Complex and the Cultural Art Center. He merged from photography and explored the medium of painting and 3-D work in Ceramics. In 2001 he began an artist tour entitled, “King, Snakes, Warriors, Pyramids, Springs and Things.” In 2001 This body of work was presented with the City Council, City of Columbus, Ohio, Resolution of Expression for his exhibition at City Hall.  He was recent recipient for an Ohio Arts Council grant for 2007/2008 and again early 2014.  
Ron Shelton introduced RES Limited Editions in Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus Museum of Art: 2001 Influences of Africa. In that show he included his leather wearable wraps and his unusual line of hats. In 2003, he participated in a national millinery show in Columbus, “Hey… Columbus, what’s on Your Head?”
In 2003 he relocated to Cleveland, since in Cleveland he has fine tuned his millinery crafts with a unique line of wearable art hats. 
Since being in Cleveland his hats have been featured in several spotlight events: 2004 Fashion Cleveland’s “Unclothed” fashion show;  Fox8 “Kickin with Kenny” morning show; WCBE PBS Dee Perry’s “Around Noon” talk show; twice featured in Cleveland’s Plain Dealer; And the Cleveland Playhouse, gift shop during the production of “Crowns.” He designed millinery creations for Becks Theater in Lakewood Ohio.
In 2011 Ron Shelton co-produced and designed the hats for, Men in Hats. Cleveland Playhouse, FussionFest. Also in 2011 he was approached by the custume manager for the show Bones on Fox; he commission him to design 2 baby NUDU hats which appeared in 2 episodes:  The Change in the Game and Killer at the Crossroads.
In 2013 his hat design won 2nd place in the Cleveland FashionWeek Jam Glam fashion Duct Tape competition.
Ron Shelton is currently very active on Facebook and have several groups.  Men in Hats;, High Art Fridays; and RES hats.  All three groups have given him an international platform to share and sell his hat designs. 
During the fall of 2015 he traveled to Lecce, Italy in collaboration with the GAP - Global Arts Project.  He met several of the artists who he had been engaging on facebook for a year prior to meeting them in person. This was a very enlightening experience, exhibiting, workshops and studio time enhanced my collaborative experience with other artists. 
In conjunction with the Global Arts Project, he created an installation of eight 28" tall cone hats that where installed from the ceiling at the San Francisco International Arts Festival 2016. Each hand-built wire structure was embellished with transparent fragments from 5 GAP artists from the USA, Japan, Israel and Mexico. The installation covered an area of 10 x 4'. 
While still operating his RES hats, he recently launched a new website: High Art Fridays online art magazine as an extension of the facebook version.
Developing his sculptural hats alongside his traditional hats for REShats continue to be his plan. One of his planned projects is to develop the wire cones installation, with the inclusion of fragments from around the globe.  He will continue to make these; he plans on continually expanding the project to over 100 cone hats.