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Robin Kolleman - the Netherlands

Robin Kolleman was born in Dwingeloo the Netherlands. She lives and works in Rotterdam. Robin Kolleman studied sculpture and mixed media at the Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in Rotterdam (1988).
The Beauty, Eroticism and Death.
I research the border of acceptance within the physical (social) traffic and the impact and results; the area between closed and vulnerability, between violence and innocence. I research forms of contact between bodies, with my own, of another, or of an animal with a material. Three stages of contact: the Look, Touch and Undermining having a central role. What is mine/yours/your location, distance, relation to and interaction with the physical environment.  How it's caused/determined/disturbed/ controlled/affected or averted.
Work of Robin Kolleman will be or has been on display recently at Antefuture 2e edition, Paris, with Sin é Angulo curated by Charley Case, Galerie RAM, Rotterdam, Contemporary art fair, Rotterdam with Galerie Hommes, No Walls expo, Slaakhuijs with Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam, Arte Concordia, curator: Olphaert den Otter, Violinnocence, Galerie Hommes, Rotterdam, Sin È Angulo curated by Charley Case at Galerie Vanessa Chang, Paris, France, livin' is easy' summerexpo at RAM galerie amongst others.