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Nader Afshari - Iran

Nader Afshari was born in Tabriz and lives in Teheran.
He is self-taught and works out in painting and drawing as well as in sculpting. For the last nine years he also works with Photo media.
Art was his father's legacy that remained with him and gave him his guidance and directions in life for 40 years. Originally he worked out into a realistic atmosphere and in time he developed his work into a more abstract expressive direction. He continuously invests in experiments and development of new styles and directions within his art practice. Nader Afshari lived various cycles in his career and always considered himself an experimental painter.  Nader connected internationally with for instance the Neutral-ism network and exhibits his work frequently.

Important exhibitions he participated in are amongst others: sculpture and painting Academy Bahman and Tabiat, Afrand Exhibition Gallery Sabz, 7th International Biennal of Persian Painting,2nd Biennal of Design at Museum of Imam Ali, Falah Exhibitions 2010, Khane ye honarmandane Exhibition Iran 2011 and (oxygen) 2012, Homa exhibition in 2013, My World exhibition at Gallery Elahe 2013, Middle East Exhibition 2014, World Expo 2014 in Ghasr Museum, Group exhibition in Armenia - Yerevan 2015 and the first Neutral-Ism exhibition at the Ex Aurum museum in Pescara, Italy in 2015. He will take part in the 2016 Neutral-ism exhibition in Mediiolanum Museum in Padova, Italy and the Poligious Issues exhibitions in Rotterdam, Brussels and Graz, Austria.