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Masri Hayssam - Lebanon

Masri Hayssam was born in Tripoli, Lebanon and moved to Italy in 1990. Most of his childhood and young age he experienced a bloody civil war for fifteen years. He studied architectural design In Lebanon till 1986 and he studied privately calligraphy. In 1993 he completed his studies at the Art Institute of Florence, specialty Professional Art, advertising and Photography and he did a course in drawing, incision and history of art at the Academy Art Florence, Italy. He currenty lives and works in Florence, Italy as a full time artist.
His works can be divided into different periods and different series of works. He is always on the move to discover artistically new impressions to work with, significant things with an eye-opening impact on the human psyche and things that do not let monotony and repetition take hold of his soul and the flow of his thoughts within his artistic process. This agonizing feeling of unexpressed potential inside him is not fulfilled by the versatility in his work. He regularly feels that he needs to explode and express himself in different domains. It is easy for one to be glorious and pretentious, but to be humble needs deep understanding to the universal truth in the conscience. He likes to see the faces of people wearing no masks because he doesn't a mask himself also. Masri Hayssam has a long listing of solo and group exhibitions he did all over the world and won numerous prizesm awards and nominations internationally for his work. Amongst realized commissions he did, one can find individuals like the Nobel Peace price winners Nelson Mandela and Al Gore.