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Malgorzata Lazarek - Poland

Malgorzata Lazarek was born in 1960 in Poland. She studied at the Academy of fine arts in Cracow, Faculty of graphics in Katowice. Diploma obtained in a study by Professor, Department of drawing and film and Juru Tomasz Professor Jack Rykalu, painting. The Academy awarded her a medal for her comprehensive work and became a laureate for the main prizes at the ALL-Polish student drawing Biennale. After graduation, she worked as a teacher of drawing and painting at the Central School of art. She currently works as a freelance designer in graphic design, illustration, painting and cartoon. Malgorzata Lazarek belongs to the nepońćetnej group of women in the satirical drawing and worked with many newspapers and magazines in Poland. Laureate of the international exhibition "Satyrykon" in Legnici and many other renowned contests. Malgorzata Lazarek presented her work on several occasions in solo exhibitions in Poland, Hungary, Belgium, Germany and France, and took part in large amount of group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Malgorzata Lazarek lives and works in Katowice in Poland.