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Konstantinos Patsios - Greece

Konstantinos Patsios was born in Athens, Greece in 1977. He graduated with distinction his studies at the Athens School of Fine Arts - Painting Laboratory in 2007, while he also completed a course at the Rhode Island School of Design, in Boston. Konstantinos Patsios did six solo shows till this date and he participated in large variety of group exhibitions both in Greece and abroad.  His  last show "The Lost Parthenon"  in 2016 at Melkart Gallery, in Paris was curated by Leonie Gavrias.
'My work is a synthesis of several painting metaphors, from conceptual art and expressionism to pop art, all delivered in a sense of mockery and irony and an invitation to critical discourse. Although they may seem naïve at first sight, I think there is a strong underlying political dimension in my pictures. I use a variety of expressive media, from painting, sculpture and photography to large scale installations. Art and especially image have their own rules: they go beyond paint, brushes and paper, over to constitute a narrative. Psychoanalysis is not sufficient by itself to interpret an image. A piece of art provokes aphorisms and coincidences. It may not be in itself a cause for war, but it will always be a mirror. One of the principles in my work is the synthesis of non-matching materials, data and the completion of an unequivocal picture. Another personal obsession has to do with confusion: sometimes when the narrative is tiring to my viewer, I juxtapose a tangled mess in order to stop thinking and start seeing!. I would like my work to form a new field of thinking where all contradictions are resolved and a new type of harmony governs both the visual and the logic!'