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Katerina Dramitinou - Greece

Katerina Dramitinou was born in Rethymnon, Crete in Greece.(1975). From 1987 till 1992 she did a art and studio practice with painter and Professor of Art History Frixos Theodosakis. From 1992 till 1998 she attended painting workshops by Nikos Stefos. Furthermore she took classes and workshops from the painters Vassilis Dionysopoulos, Nikos Christoforakis, Kyriakos Katzourakis, Marios Spiliopoulos and Giannis Migadis.

Well you see, what I do has nothing to do with hidden meanings. It's just me and the way I communicate with nature, that is, life...Nothing else. That's where I rest, that's where I find answers. That's where I find painting if you wish. Colours and forms, forms and colours. As for what they call whatever is behind a work of Art, I don't think it's me that can give you an answer. It's not my role. If something like that exists, if you can find it, let me know too. Lately, I have discovered my face amongst the interwined tree branches, and Elizabeth, full of curves on cars'windows or behind curtains. I found Constantine built in the wild bedrocks, his gaze everywhere...Pieces of a puzzle, all mixed up. Wherever I passed, I left an eye to watch behind. And no...I haven't just seen curves, shadows, branches and rocks. I gather, there must be others who would like to look into this matter using the same code. The one of truth and simplicity. Because, as we have said, painting equals life. Life everywhere. Wherever you look, there is life.

Katerina Dramitinou participated in a large quantity of venue and exhibitions with her work all over Greece as well as in Italy, France, Mexico, Ukraine, Turkey, the Netherlands and Belgium.