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John Crabtree - United Kingdom

For John Crabtree the art making process is about building a responsive space where perception and emotion can be expressed freely. It is about a state of mind that is receptive and intuitive to the prompts and instructions of where a line or colour is needed; it is about embodying an energy and giving a form to an image that evokes and gives a picture a sense of vitality and aliveness. John Crabtree believes that his painting process is a path to self realization and he frequenctly determines  the parallels with creative practice and the meditative and contemplative traditions within his work. Artists are absorbers and take influences and inspiration from many sources. His work is a about search for meaning and self realisation and he often see the parallels with the contemplative and meditative traditions that inform his own practice. The language of the artist is a realised and conscious exploration that conveys a sense of engagement through the medium he uses. John's work has its roots in the pictographs and petroglyphs of the indigenous people have been an enduring source of inspiration of the world. Essentially a painting/surface is not one dimensional but a boundary between different realities, the mythic extraordinary and the mysterious. Paintings connect people to the universal and transcendental in context with the world it's suffering and joys. His work is more about signs and surfaces and the inner landscapes of memory and emotion.