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Jaya Suberg - Germany

Jaya Suberg was born in Hagen, Germany and lives and works in Berlin since 1980. Many trips and extended stays abroad inspired her work and intensified the artistic confrontation. There is almost no day on which she fails to implement the creative processes in her pictures.
Light, colors, seduction and emotions pulsate. The surreal, carefully constructed digitalArt collages by Jaya Suberg live on impulsive photographic moments and her sentimental, intense engagement with mixed media. The imagery of Jaya Suberg directly affects our imagination: She interweaves the dimensions of memories or dreams with urban or socio-political statements, elements of distant cultures and feminine versus masculine perspectives on the world.
Since her early youth Jaya Suberg worked photographically. She focuses on from others unnoticed details, examined models for shoots by her own and collects deviated poetry books, materials, colors, pictures, graffiti, typos etc. Camera settings such as direct light and deep shadows play with the model. Certain postures of the series run like the handwriting of the photographer. But Jaya Subergs shootings do not seem like theater stages or film sets: rather authentic spontaneous situations arise with models in different places. And the power of the beautiful, young body is never just a shell, but represents 'life'.  The photographs become first processed on a PC, some will be archived as raw material, others digitally collaged and set in composition. Mainly the final image is printed on special Hahnemühle paper and then processed with Mixed Media: ink, acrylic, pencils and other papers, prints, pictures.
If the focus is on the photograph, the picture is mounted on acrylic glass or laminated on high-quality papers and framed. Sometimes serial artworks arise be edited differently, emanating from one raw-file or one setting. In the post-processed images the views of those who portrayed leaving mostly the picture - then the access to the soul remains hidden for us, the artist took matters in hand: mouth or eyes have moved or closed into the blur. The themes are less criticism of prescribed social systems or conventions of different cultures, but the consequences and vulnerabilities for their own, individual life. In her digitalArt- and mixed media works Jaya Suberg finds solutions to her questions on winding roads: Indian mudras, Japanese legend fragments, urban landscapes, animals, skeletons, machinery and loud colors dissolve injury, pain and death.
Jaya Suberg exhibited her work on a large variety of venues in many cities like: New York, Berlin, London, Paris, Bergen (the Netherlands), Cologne, Hamburg, Rome, Bonn, Madrid, Toledo, Lissabon, Brussel, Verona and Basel