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Jack Barnosky - USA

Jack Barnosky was born and raised in the mean streets of South Philadelphia. The Passyunk Projects were my first home. The U.S was still awash in the glow of victory from WWII. There was prosperity, we could do no wrong. That glow faded and '67 I found myself caught up in the machinery of war. " Pfc Barnosky reporting for duty, sir". Fort Dix New Jersey Training Company H23 and it was here that I first picked up a camera. There was precious little time for a Basic Trainee but when the opportunity arose I found myself wandering the streets of Philadelphia and New York armed with a Kodak Instamatic. I knew there was something important, to me, in these expeditions but I did not know they were a portent of the future. In '71 I traveled cross country ad began a three year period of study at Brooks Institute of Photography. In '84 I began Graduate School at Indiana University. I had two degrees in photography and it was then that I knew that I would have to become an auto didact. I have taught for 35 years at the Col​ege level and have been at Sam Houston State Uiversity for the past 24 years.

Artist Jack Barnosky's photographs are dark and compelling, evasive and full of history.