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Hussam Al Shalabi - Syria

Hussam Al Shalabi is one of many Syrian asylum seekers that came to Europe in order to fina a safe-haven from the ongoing war in his home country. Hussam expresses his emotions in painting and as he is currently living in Austria he recently exhibited his work at the municipality of Gleisdorf, Austria.
Hussam Al Shalabi will participate within the Poligious Issues project with the support of the community of Gleisdorf, Eva Lassnig from the MIR museum Gleidorf and the organization of this project. A small gesture to make him feel welcome and respected as a human being in Europe.

So, upon invitation from our end Hussam Al Shalabi from Syria accepted the invite and is very pleased to take part in the 2017 Poligious Issues exhibitions in Rotterdam, Brussels and Graz, Austria.