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Gerard Extra - the Netherlands

The Dutch artist Gerard Extra studied at the Academy of Applied Arts in Maastricht in the publicity department and graphics in 1966 and attended the Art Academy in Maastricht MO crafts where he graduated in 1977.

Gerard Extra makes no attempt to argument in his work but to investigate into communication. How can you make people understand? And where does it start and where does it end? A work on canvas has literal boundaries and one seems not to be able to paint outside that canvas. Extra works around this problem by working both in depth and height. Layer upon layer upon layer upon layer upon layer of line, color and take their apparent spontaneity to an unexpected coding. This dynamic layering is a fever-like collection of new ideas, with the aim to convert a past in a tangible present. Extra's work is in an eternal "intermediate," vacillating between start and end. As a viewer, you are invited to fill in at will as an imaginary work. The result is a continuous stream of experiences that never really stops or pauses briefly. Instead, there is work in a constant state of metamorphosis, which require us to understand more. Work by Gerard Extra can be seen with high regularity in exhibitions in the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia and Italy. Gerard Extra lives and works from his studio in one of the most beautiful parts of South Limburg in the Netherlands.