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Franz Strauss - Austria

Franz Strauss is a painter and object artist and he lives and works in Rudy, south of Graz in Austria. His artistic teachers were Prof. Rogler and Prof. Srkalovic from Graz and Prof. Colnago from Vienna. His artistic oeuvre comprises objects made of wood and plastic as well as expressive and abstract acrylic paintings. Franz Strauss is a member of the Styrian Art Association Werkbund, the EuroArt Brussels and the Professional Association of Visual Artists Styria. He cooperates with the group 8Hände design at the "8Hände artists trail" in Rauden - Raudenberg, District Leibnitz Austria.
His works are exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in Austria, France, Italy, Argentina, Belgium, Germany and Switserland.
He received a Certificate of Excellence - Palm Style Award in 2016