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Frans de Winter - the Netherlands

Frans de Winter was born in 1977 in Vlaardingen, the Netherlands and currently he lives and works in Vlaardingen. Frans de Winter studued at the Royal Academy of Arts in the Hague, the Netherlands from 1995 till 2000 and at the Frank Mohr Institute - M.F.A Painting in Groningen, the Netherlands from 2000 till 2001.
Frans de Winter participated in large quantity of group exhibitions like for instance: Symbiosis = share, Mareado foundation, Kade40 in Vlaardingen, Fugazi at the Court of Ryhove in Gand, Belgium, Open Monument, Galerie B in Vlaardingen, Foundation for Art Works in Pand Paulus in Schiedaam with guest curator Harry Schumacher, Survival - Breaking boundaries Schiedam, Rotterdam Contemporary Art Fair, Cruise Terminal, curator Bob Smit, Connected Spaces, Art Rotterdam in cooperation with Niffo Project Space, Miracle Tree, town hall Leiden - curator - Toyoko Shimada, Gallery Hollandia, Strong together - curator Ron Weijers and many more...
Some recent solo exhibitions: South Explorer - at Niffo Project Space in Rotterdam, Stadsgehoorzaal during presentation of the Geuzen Medal in Vlaardingen.