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David Blanco Aristin - Spain

David Blanco Aristin was born in Palencia, Spain in 1955. He studied “Agricultural Expert” (agricultural techniques), Psychology and Audio-Visual Communications. He worked as a correspondent for the magazine “Correo Del Arte” for several years, till he was relocated to the Balearic Islands. For years he worked at the school “Eugenio Lopez” in Palma de Mallorca, where he taught Drawing and Painting.
For the last years he has basically worked and researched in everything related to image, shape and colours, being highly interested in the art as the creative fact wherever it is produced. The image and the movement took the author to an indescribable expressionist constructivism. David Blanco’s work can be seen in various museums as well as in public and private collections in Europe, Ukraine, U.S.A., Morocco and the United Kingdom.
Some of the venues he has exhibited in are: Goya Art Gallery (NY), Museo Reina Sofía (Palacio de Cristal) “Boda en el Parque, 1992”, Madrid, “École des Arts et Métiers, Galerie Bertuchi”, Tetuán, “Instituto Cervantes”, Rabat, “Instituto Cervantes”, Fez, “Instituto Cervantes”, Café del Arte, Dublin, Tamarit Gallery, Donal Herbert, Madrid and USA, “Galería de Estampas, Biblioteca Nacional”, Madrid, First posthumous tribute to Joan Miró, Richelieu venue, Madrid, Manzarino Gallery, Madrid, Underwater Gardens, Motril, Granada, Submarine sculptures, “Marina del Este” port, Almuñécar, Granada, Afinsa Gallery, Madrid, “Círculo de Bellas Artes”, Madrid, Cultural Centre “La Villa”, Madrid, Blanvar Studio Art Gallery, Palma de Mallorca, “Es Carrer” collection, Balearic Islands, “Casa de Agua”, Palencia, Castilla cannel, Palencia, Majuelo Park, Granada, Santa Cecilia Town Hall, Palencia, Blanvar permanent collection, Palencia Council office, Valladolid Council office, Exhibition and Conference Centre “María Cristina”, Barcelona, Exhibition and Conference Centre “El Pueblo Español”, Palma de Mallorca, Estiarte Gallery, Madrid (in several series and occasions), Afinsa Gallery, Oporto, Estoril and Lisbon, Red Cross Exhibition Centre, Alicante, Home Affairs Ministry, National Award, Madrid and Alicante, Baraka Group, several galleries and countries, Avila Town Hall, Foreign Affairs Ministry, permanent exhibition and work, Madrid, Baau Studio, opening exhibition, Madrid, Baau Studio, Baraka Group, Madrid, Open Slovenia, tour around the country, Pre-Talayotic Sculptures Tribute, Mahón, “El Desguace” mural, Madrid, Installations and works in Valdemaqueda, Madrid, Synagogue Foundation, New York, City of Mostoles Museum, Madrid Town Hall, etc etc