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Daniele Perilli - Italy

Daniele Perilli born in Nereto in 1981. He graduated from the High School of Nereto, Son of Art, Daniele is virtually born and raised in an artistic family setting and from his adolescent he attended the studio of his father, the painter and sculptor Francesco Perilli and  learned numerous research techniques, painting and sculpture graphic. He exerted on traditional techniques of oil painting, drawing and modeling. As a board member of the Centre for Studies on Multiculturalism, Daniel Perilli participated with the draft development of the Neutral-ism manifest as initiated by his father Francesco Perilli. The paintings of Daniele Perilli are an abstract matrix, but go far beyond the informal root. In fact, they do not deny the shape, they welcome the breakup, becoming interpreters of unexpected metamorphosis. His artistic practice feeds the time, of small gestures repeated with painstaking skill, the result of a rigorous and secret technique that mixes the pictorial tradition alchemical investigation. Subtle changes in light and color, obtained with acrylics and oils, result in a magma of matter, amorphous and chaotic seems to expand on the canvas. A centrifugal force dominates the compositions, never divided into perspective planes. The coloring, which sometimes tends to monochrome, is pure and detached from any surface, evoking the paintings absolute space. Uncertain horizons and indeterminate figures emerge silent, the result of an inherent tension that drives the shape towards growth and regeneration without end. The final composition is dynamic and vibrant, animated by an energy underground and primitive, responsible for the miraculous and amazing process that is the becoming of the form. Existence is for Daniele Perilli a transitional path, located between birth and death. It is the route that all men, materials and organisms, accomplished through a time and a space undefined, which are only partially and fatally linked. In his works, therefore, the shape is suspended between past and future, order and disorder, creation and destruction. The future is contained in expectation of the configuration of the form, the past, however, in his fascinating ruins, in the fossils, in wrecks and in the spectra that it preserves the memory. So he gives rise to a temporal collision, similar to the process of nuclear fusion, at the origin of the universe, its cycles and its destiny. The rubble, the symbol of a world in disintegration, thus become the foundations on which to build a new image and a new reality. The gesture of Daniele Perilli is the vehicle of the mysteries of the cosmos, of which his art becomes a participant, freeing themselves from the role of silent witness or simple replication, true or distorted, the world in which we live. The static language of painting might at first seem an inappropriate means to represent reality in all its facets dynamics. The paintings require time and manner of use slow and contemplative, different from those hasty and bulimic at which the market and the contemporary art circuits we have too often used. The painting of Perilli is disarming, intimate, as it is poetry. Like it was born in the solitude and suffering, does not try mirabilia or special effects, but it puts us face to face with our being and transience of existence. His work catalyzes the enraptured gaze of the viewer, and astonished, making him aware of the mystery of life and its hidden source and raising it toward a universal sphere. Marcel Duchamp was attributed the phrase "stupid like a painter", but maybe we are too 'stupid' or distracted for painting, only time will tell; the rest as he wrote Théophile Gautier "everything passes, only the robust art is eternal."