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Črtomir Frelih - Slovenia

Črtomir Frelih was born on 20th of August 1960, Nomenj, Bohinj. Slovenia, Yugoslavia. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts (UL ALU) at the University of Ljubljana in 1985, he completed graduate studies at the department for printmaking ALU Ljubljana in 1990 and got a master of science in art didactics from ALU in Ljubljana in 1997. Črtomir Frelih is Full Professor for printmaking at the Department of Art Education, Faculty of Education, University of Ljubljana.

Besides printmaking Črtomir Frelih is also engaged in a drawing and painting practice. He is author of several professional articles on Art Theory and Art Education and he has received numerous prizes and awards nationally and internationally. Most recently he recieved in recognition of the 8th International Print Triennial, Chamalières, France (2010), the Award for the highest quality at the 8th International Biennial of drawings, Plzen, Czech Republic (2012) and the award of the 18th international print biennial, Varna (2015). Upon invitation as an author, he participated several times in international events like recently at the Sofia Triennial (2014), Biennale of Varna and the 8th international exhibition L'Arte e il Torchio in Cremona, Italy (2015).

Poligious issues
The theme of religion and state, the power relations between the civil and church authorities is always more or less present in the public. It looks so that we cannot implement partial concepts. We are satisfied only with totality. Religion is good. The state is good. The religious state is a disaster.

Therefore Foxes are fleeing away from simple concepts, and keep wondering what is right and what is wrong...