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Concepción Trigo Pacheco - Spain

Concepción Trigo Pacheco was born in San Fernando (Cádiz) in 1959 and currently lives and works in Sevilla in Spain. With great dedication and infinite patience, she is active in painting, drawing and illustration which is her ultimate way of reflection. For Concepción Trigo Pacheco the painting process is a path of self realization and her process therefore is strongly related to the building of a responsive space where she can express her perceptions and emotions without concessions. Her studies and her work generate a constant flow of influences, emotions and inspiration. Concepción Trigo Pacheco is a graduate in sociology, currently studies anthropology and conducts studies on religiosity. Her primair profession is intensive care medic. Concepción Trigo Pacheco frequently exhibits her work and her illustrations appear on bookcovers and in the national media.