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Armin Guerino - Austria

Armin Guerino, born in Vienna in 1961 studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Prof. Maximilian Melcher. In the eighties, Guerino has been busy with his own person as a biological, emotional and social being. He produced images with titles like "Vanishing Land", "amniocentesis" with a gestural dominated imagery. In 1987 he received a six-month scholarship in Paris and painting started to dominate his art practice. The work with the image locations led Guerino 1990/91 for half a year to Egypt. The confrontation with the elementary topography and history of this country with respect to his work occupied him since 1989 when he first came into the land of the Nile. "This country is perhaps a confirmation of what I have begun to put into my work. It is also a challenge. In my painting, the handling of materials has become more important. Bringing space and masses of color to each other is significant . the grassland, hard adjacent to the desert, so the gray-yellow of the desert, and in a pyramid, a mastaba or Hatschepsuttempel. Since 1995, he moves again the focus. in the course of the following years a number of heads and beyond images with titles such as "The Myth", "Erl King", "The Red Sea", "Sphinx", "sound sample" etc.
Accompanying the work on images to Guerino concerned with architecture and objects in public space. Thus was created in 1991 the mortuary chapel of St. Michael ob of Gurk, for he designed Apocalypse and executed in 1995 the architectural concept and the frescoes with the theme "Genesis" and Scheherazade "a space installation with 1500 square culture protection networks at European Design Depot in Klagenfurt. 2000 'SENET [past gang] corridor between "at K├╝nstlerhaus Klagenfurt, just to name a few. Armin Guerino works in Vienna and at Castle Saager in Carinthia.